Tobago cays

​We are back again after some really long time without real connection.

Tobago Ceys is a place we never seen before in the whole Carribean. The water here is cristal clear, and the people here are very welcoming and nice. The first day we snorkeled and saw BIG turtels, stingrays and a LOT of amazing fishes. For the moment we are in Union Island to bunker a bit. Tomorrow we head further on south to find more crazy snorkeling places.

We all are so happy onboard to have Axel and Nils back in the crew again. They stay during the easter and fly back to Sweden the 26th of April.

We have decided to stay in this areas during the next 5 months, until the hurricane season is over. After that we will join the "World ARC". We start the race from Carribean and will pass Panama canal in February 2020. Then we head out in the pacific ocean and take sight on Galapagos.

The last weeks we had done some small repairs on the boat, and now the next months we focus to bunker the boat on all the things we need during the 5-6 months over pacific ocean. Over there we will not find any spareparts or special food at so ever.